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Participate in the international photography competition “Concrete in Life” and win 10 thousand dollars

The Global Cement and Concrete Association (GCCA) invites all interested parties to participate in its 4th Annual "Concrete Life" Photo Contest, were you can win up to 10 thousand dollars.

Concrete is one of the most widely used man-made products on the planet. It’s all around us, in our homes and offices; our roads and sidewalks; it’s what the bridges that connect us are made of; the parks that bring us happiness; and in mankind’s most important structures.

As a sustainable building material, it provides safe, durable, and resilient structures, as well as providing the basis for renewable energy infrastructure.

For these reasons, the Global Cement and Concrete Association -GCCA-, invites all interested parties regardless of age, nationality, or any other aspect, to participate in the contest. The fourth edition of its «Concrete in Life» contest seeks to highlight the beauty and importance of concrete in our lives.

There are four categories were you can demonstrate your creativity, ingenuity, and photographic technique (Urban Design and Use, Concrete-based Infrastructure, Concrete in Everyday Life, and Beauty and Design) in both professional and amateur levels.

The deadline to participate is October 31st , you can get more information at the following link:

Participate and showcase your talent!

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