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Progreso Awards the Best in Regional Sustainability Journalism

In 2022’s virtual award ceremony, Progreso announced the winners of the Regional Sustainability Journalism Awards - Second Edition.

The contest included the participation of more than 50 journalistic entries, which were written by communication professionals from Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Costa Rica, and Panama. The categories they participated in where Articles, Chronicles and Documentaries.

The jury was made up of an expert panel of communications and corporate sustainability professionals. Members included Alejandro Langlois (ComunicaRSE), Juan Pablo Morataya (CentraRSE), Carolina de Asturias (Universidad del Istmo), Silvia Lanuza (Diario de Centroamérica) and César Perez (La Voz de Xela).

At the awards ceremony, José Raúl González, CEO of Progreso, thanked all the participants and sated that journalism is fundamental to publicize good practices in this field.

«We thank all the participants for trusting this process. Their journalism is relevant because it promotes sustainability, and addresses issues related to good social and environmental practices, disruptive ideas, and innovative processes,» he said.

Alejandro Langlois, Director of ComunicaRSE, stated that the entries demonstrate the regions’ private sector’s commitment to sustainability. «This contest encourages journalists in the region, to investigate and become more and more involved in sustainability issues».

The Winners

First place went to Velia Jaramillo from Guatemala, with her report entitled «Responsible Companies, Leadership with a Future».

Second place went to Agustín Ortiz from Guatemala, who presented a report entitled «CSR: A story in which Guatemala is also a protagonist», and third place went to Kimberly Herrera from Costa Rica, for her report entitled «The Challenge of Choosing Nature for Love».

Jennifer Priscila López from San Carlos of Guatemala University was the winner of the ‘Student’ Category, with her report entitled «K’aktun, Guatemala’s strategy to meet 2032 Sustainable Development Goal’s Objectives «.

We congratulate all the participating journalists and the winners.

What is the Regional Sustainability Journalism Award?

Progreso Regional Sustainability Journalism Award is an effort to recognize and promote journalism in the field of sustainability. Communication professionals and students write about business-community relations, building sustainable communities, as well as the private sectors

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