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Progreso Experts share knowledge on good quality practices at the «Technical Tables»

Sharing and promoting quality process knowledge transfer and best practices was the objective of the "Technical Knowledge Roundtables. This activity where regional technicians and experts participated, was recently held.

The Technical Knowledge Roundtables are a way to promote this purpose. Recently,  professionals from the region met to discuss the quality model used at Progreso.

Participants had the opportunity to exchange experiences, best practices, and above all, network among groups of regional specialists.

Carlos Suhul, Guatemala’s Planta San Miguel’s quality manager, said that technical issues discussed at the meeting are essential for the plant’s continuous improvement. «The exchange is necessary and both technicians and team members is essential in strengthening the activities regionally carried out at the plants».

Sharing and serving

Sara Salazar, CETEC laboratory analyst, emotionally tells of the many experiences and teaching that the meeting left for her work-lfe at Progreso. «Many times, email is our main communication channel. Putting a face to that address is one of the best experiences because it allows us to get closer and be more empathetic and human.»

For Ted Sanchez, from quality control at Planta El Limon in Panama, the technical knowledge acquired is very valuable to continue with continuous improvement in the Canal country.

«The mathematical methods related to the physical-chemical tests we perform for the 28-day prediction are fundamental and we can improve them thanks to our colleague’s experience.

Best practices

Progreso seeks to continue promoting a culture of collaboration and communication, by exchanging experiences and best practices throughout the whole organization. 

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