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Progreso is working towards becoming an environmental leader

We spoke with Renato Argueta, Environmental Coordinator of Cementos Progreso, who explained how Progreso has become an environmental leader in Guatemala and plans to continue its work in the region.

«What I value most is our commitment to caring for the environment,» says Renato as he explains what it means for Progreso to be an Environmental Leader: «We have an avant-garde environmental management system that has generated a change, nationally. We focus on ensuring compliance with applicable environmental legislation.

One of the best sustainable ways to operate is taking care of water. Planta San Miguel has a treatment plant that handles ordinary wastewater from the administrative areas’ sanitary services. Subsequently, this water is used to irrigate roads and to water green areas. In this way, the water returns to its natural cycle, generating no pollution or waste.

Another way of taking care of water is by means of the 116-cubic-meter reservoir at the San Miguel plant, the main rainwater collector. Its function is to supply the plant with water for its equipment cooling process (the process does not use water as raw material) for up to two months if the normal supply stops working.

«The vision we have is to continue being environmental leaders in Guatemala and in the region.  We will continue to consolidate ourselves and keep executing sustainable development projects, reducing emissions, and complying with national legislation,» he explains.

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