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Progreso Leaders are on the list of «100 Central Americans you should know»

forbes 100 centroamericanos que debes conocer guatemala cementos progreso
Photo by Fobers Magazine
Forbes Central America magazine, in its 100th edition, recognized José Miguel Torrebiarte and Cecilia Dougherty’s business and social leadership

Leadership is a broad activity that tries to discern the competence and values that define a person in an organization. In this sense, leadership can be interpreted and analyzed from two perspectives: as a personal quality of the leader, and as a function within an organization, community, or society.

Both factors were decisive for Forbes Central America magazine’s editorial staff, when selecting the «100 Central Americans you should know». Within the list were José Miguel Torrebiarte, President of Progreso, and Cecilia Dougherty President of the Carlos F. Novella Foundation who were selected to appear in this commemorative publication.

The publication states that, «This list of 100 personalities that we present in our Centennial Edition highlights business leaders, Central American Ambassadors and agents of change, who, from their various positions, have made Central America great.

Two visions to build together the country where we all want to live

Forbes is a specialized magazine in the world of business and finance. In its special edition for Central America, it highlights that Progreso’s President has an invaluable trajectory in the country’s business world.

«In 2004, he was the first of his generation to be chairman of the company’s Board of Directors. He is vice president of the Foundation for the Development of Guatemala -Fundesa- and a member of the Latin American Business Council -Ceal-.»

Cecilia Dougherty is recognized for her tremendous efforts in providing life skills to thousands of Guatemalans through the Foundation named after Cementos Progreso’s founder.

«She has promoted a permanent project for skill development and acquisition within Guatemala. In 2014 she introduced the Baccalaureate in Science and Letters with Orientation in Productivity and Entrepreneurship for people outside the school system, and made it officially a part of Guatemala’s National Base Curriculum.”

The values, living the Code of Values, Ethics and Conduct (COVEC) and the Leadership Agenda are evident in this type of recognition.

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