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Technicians and experts share their knowledge about kilns

Technical Knowledge Roundtables are the way we promote knowledge sharing between our technical personnel and experts. It is a space where they can actively engage the challenges they face.

Progreso’s Center for Technical Excellence -CET-, promotes the » Technical Furnace Knowledge Tables», where plant operation experts meet.

A total of 85 collaborators from the San Miguel, San Gabriel, CENOSA (Honduras) and Colorado (Costa Rica) plants meet. There are 60 people who participate in person and 25 more, meet virtually to address this new chapter and improve their professional knowledge.

The Center for Technical Excellence’s Optimization and Knowledge Management R&D areas are committed to fostering synergy and creating collaborative ties between Progreso’s operations. They also capture, develop, and facilitate, critical knowledge transfer providing the basis for the technical roundtables.

Our CEO, José Raúl González, participated in the roundtable. He spoke of the cement’s industry’s global challenges, which have already been identified. San Miguel plant members presented their experiences on handling kiln rings, and axial balance, as critical processes in their operation. Costa Rica participated for the first time as a new member of the Progreso family and introduced its operation and good practices regarding alternative fuel management. CENOSA presented cases of cyclone clogging and its good management processes for the grate cooler. Finally, Planta San Gabriel shared best practices on petcoke burner design.

For CET, ensuring operational excellence involves innovation, knowledge management, and operational optimization. This is one of its main functions, in addition to creating the necessary spaces and platforms for knowledge exchange.

Through their participation, all plants, and critical operations, demonstrated the technicians’ desire to ensure operational sustainability, and our experts’ desire to transcend as they exchanged ideas and created synergies.

Why a kiln knowledge table?

Our product quality and performance depend on us ensuring kiln operating efficiency. We always make sure that clinker is available to meet cement demand. Therefore, it is one of Progreso’s critical operations impacting our customers.

More knowledge, more analysis communities

The latest Ball Mill and Kiln technical roundtables brought to light the demand for new analysis communities, focused on raw materials, vertical mills, AFR’s, concrete and aggregates, as well as others. All of them will have an impact in obtaining improved global operation indicators, by implementing shared experiences.

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