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United in Developing Capabilities and Preventing Violence

The Carlos F. Novella Foundation recently signed a new agreement to support migrants and inmates, with funding from the United States Government through USAID's Urban Governance Project (UMG).

The Tertiary Violence Prevention Program «La Factoría Ciudadana Guatemala», aims to help migrants (returnees or deportees), and those who have been released from prison. The initiatives’ purpose is to strengthen the beneficiary’s rehabilitation process by developing their individual, social, and technical skills.

The project provides psychosocial support to develop their individual and social skills, as well as offering technical training to validate them. Together, these two services strengthen the recipients social and labor reinsertion process, as well as reduces recidivism.

As of February 2022, the programs implementation has been extended with the support of the United States through USAID’s Urban Governance Project-UMG-. Carlos F. Novella foundation will continue to implement the program until June 2023.

Balanced Regional Growth

Achieving higher sustainable development rates in the Northern Triangle countries (Guatemala, El Salvador, and Honduras), involves generating decent, formal jobs to strengthen their economies. Violence has impeded reaching that goal.

Officially, it costs Guatemala 3% of its GDP (approximately 2.3 billion dollars), to contain crime and violence. Therefore, investing in social and labor reintegration is a challenge that must be faced multilaterally (government, academia, private enterprise, non-governmental organizations, and civil society). This alliance can generate real change and build the country where we want to live.

La Factoría Ciudadana Guatemala focuses on certifying previously acquired skills, or developing new ones, and validating them. Beneficiaries are supported as they go through an employability or entrepreneurship process to strengthen their social and labor reinsertion capabilities.

What is violence prevention?

Violence and crime prevention is defined as «the set of public policies, programs and activities aimed at reducing risk factors that favor generating violence and crime, as well as battling the different causes and factors that generate them.

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