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We paved with the community of «El Hato» one of its main streets

This work directly benefits 250 people and indirectly more than 22,000, who live in the municipality of San Antonio la Paz in the department of El Progreso, Guatemala.

The paving of highways, streets and paths is a priority to improve people’s quality of life. Thanks to the joint work between Cementos Progreso and the “El Hato” community of San Antonio la Paz, the delivery of 140 linear meters of street was achieved.

The Municipality of San Antonio La Paz, the Community Council for Urban and Rural Development -Cocode-, residents of the «El Hato» community, and the San Miguel Plant of Cementos Progreso participated in the construction of the work.

This street, in addition, to connecting the school with the center of the community, is an alternate route that connects route CA9 at kilometer 31 and with kilometer 35, it also connects San Antonio la Paz with Sanarate and Jalapa, becoming one of the most important secondary roads of the municipality.

In total, the work consists of 140 linear meters of street, where Cementos Progreso provided the construction materials and supplies and the community, along with the local authorities, the workforce and the corresponding permits

Good neighbours

Engineer Víctor Blanco, the representative of Planta San Miguel, reassured that these types of alliances strengthen Progreso’s relationship with the communities and guarantee compliance with one of the company’s sustainability pillars: «Being good neighbors.»

“The inauguration of the improvement of this section has been possible thanks to the teamwork and collaboration between the Municipality of San Antonio La Paz, the Community Development Council, the residents of El Hato village, and Cementos Progreso through Planta San Miguel.

For Progreso and its different business units, it is essential to promote solid, inclusive, and integrated alliances at all levels to achieve our transcendent purpose: Build together the country where we want to live; so that everyone can be a manager of their own development and contribute to improving the environment.

The importance of a safe and reliable pavement

The paving in the communities allows free access and mobility of vehicles, in addition to providing a safe and reliable environment for pedestrians. According to the World Bank, the pavement reduces travel times, generates jobs and development for communities, creates safe community environments, and guarantees an adequate flow of rainwater.

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