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Agreca participates in the forum «Generating development in the western region»

agreca participa en foro generando desarrollo en la region de occidente cempro cementos progreso latam guatemala
The Center for Social Responsibility Action in Guatemala -CentraRSE- held the Western Regional Forum on Corporate Social Responsibility with the support of Agreca and other strategic partners. This time, the setting was the western region, where business, civil, academic and municipal actors shared their particular vision of how to improve conditions and create opportunities.

The activity emphasized the importance of ensuring that companies work for social responsibility at the local level. In addition to the importance of partnerships for development, synergies must continue to contribute to the economy.

One of the most important messages of the event was to achieve individual responsibility to achieve collective impact. And it is that all the companies that participated in the event work under the theme of corporate citizenship to generate a business commitment with the other actors.

Entrepreneurs generating opportunities

The conferences “Conscious Capitalism” were presented and presented by Juan Pablo Morataya, Executive Director of CentraRSE. In addition, «Comprehensive Responses on Migration in Central America» ​​presented by José Diego Cárdenas, National Projects Officer of the International Organization for Migration, taking a perspective from the western region.

In addition, the panel discussion was moderated by Annie Díaz, CentraRSE Sustainability Advisor. And José Sánchez, General Manager of Enel Green Power Guatemala; Gian Luca Beverini, General Manager of Agreca; and José Gómez, Head of Sustainability at BAC Credomatic. They presented their different impacts, challenges, opportunities and projects in the region.

Beverini emphasized that Agreca has a successful community relationship that is based on trust. «In the Panaluloj valley, we have carried out reforestation work, soil recovery and training for the communities of the valley so that well-being is for everyone.»

Development for all

One of the most important conclusions of the activity is that resilience must be a determining factor in the execution of all business actions. For this, it is important that the employer maintains a clear vision of the business objectives set, without forgetting the employees, their families and everything that exists around the business areas of action.

Finally, it was indicated that entrepreneurs must participate in the transformation of the different realities and opportunities that communities have. Conscious capitalism is a tool that companies must apply to build bridges between themselves and communities.

The phrase: «Dialogue must prevail as a tool for articulation to generate alliances for the benefit of companies and communities in a fair and egalitarian manner.»

Gian Luca Beverini, General Manager of Agreca