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Entry calls for the 2023 «Concrete in Life» competition are open

For the fifth consecutive year, the Global Cement and Concrete Association -GCCA-, held the international call for entries for the 5th Annual Concrete Life Photo Contest.

The first-place winner will receive US$10,000, while the second and third-place winners will receive a prize of US$2,500. The international competition seeks to highlight the beauty and importance of concrete for humanity and society’s sustainability.

There are four categories where participants can showcase their creativity (Urban Design and Use, Concrete-based Infrastructure, Concrete in Everyday Life, and Beauty and Design) at both the professional and amateur levels.

The competition attracts attention from photographers worldwide and has become a global benchmark for photography.

Participants have until November 15th to submit their proposals. For more information, please visit the following link:

Concrete in our lives

The Concrete in Life photo contest is open to amateur and professional photographers (or anyone with a camera phone) from around the world.

It seeks to highlight the importance of concrete in people’s daily lives and its relationship to design, the environment, and sustainability.

Let us remember that concrete occupies an indispensable place in our daily lives; we find it in our homes and offices; roads and sidewalks; bridges that connect us; parks, and every space modern society uses.

As a sustainable building material, it provides a safe, durable, and resilient structure, as well as serves as support for renewable energy infrastructure.

Get involved and test your creativity!

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