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Five principles that Jaime Viñals applies in his life

cinco lecciones de vida con jaime viñals cempro progreso latam guatemala
Courtesy of Jaime Viñals
Jaime Viñals is clear that building the country where we all want to live is a process of communication and above all community. Accepting our differences in the first instance and with great will, the Guatemalan mountaineer is convinced that a better country is possible.

Mountaineering is one of the most demanding sports in the world due to the enormous emotional exhaustion that it entails. Jaime Viñals knows this and for this reason he always tries to keep his smile and strength by applying some simple rules to his life that we can buy from us today. Join us to get to know them!

1. Have the ability to have a dream, know it and work to achieve it.

Dreaming costs nothing! But making dreams come true is one of the most important tasks of all human beings. Jaime knows it and therefore invites us to dream and fight to make them come true.

2. Be constant and disciplined to be able to successfully complete that dream.

And it is that talent is not enough to be successful in life. It requires perseverance and discipline to achieve all the transcendent purposes that we have in life.

3. Keep your «feet on the ground» at all times to be humble and respectful of others.

Successes can sometimes take us away from reality and the people who really matter. That is why the montanist refers to this rule in a particular way.

4. Do not lose the capacity for wonder, essential to be positive and creative in life.

Do you know why children are happier? Well, the answer is very simple. Because they never lose their capacity for wonder and that allows them to find extraordinary events in everyday things.

5. Life is an achievement of goals to be achieved, this means that after the initial dream of which I have spoken, we must have new goals waiting to continue and know how to reinvent ourselves and know how to break the comfort zone.

Adversity is part of life. Resilience is the ineffable ability that allows certain people to overcome the various adversities that arise in daily life. It allows the development of positive behaviors in the face of stress, threats or any conflict. Reinventing yourself is an obligation but also a privilege that only a few manage to achieve.

Finally, and as a very special gift, Viñals shared what in his opinion is not a rule, but is a quality that we can all develop. «The golden rule of Jaime Viñals does not exist, I only believe that in life we ​​must fulfill what we offer and never leave anything halfway, always finish well what we start. The application in life is reaching the heights that I propose or the book I want to publish, which by the way I have already published six books and I am finishing the seventh «.


«The only limit we have in life to achieve something is ourselves. Why? Well, it’s a way of saying NEVER give up.»

Jaime Viñals