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How Cementos Progreso’s technical roundtables contribute to raw materials operation’s efficiency

The technical roundtables are spaces designed to create a community of experts, who share and contribute knowledge of Progreso's different areas through their experience.

In May, this activity was held again, focused on raw materials, with the purpose of generating synergies and strengthening communication among the different participants.

These meetings promote the exchange of knowledge among Progreso’s experts through the Center of Technical Excellence (CET). Collaborators from the Guatemalan, Honduran and Costa Rican plants participated in this event.

The standard for raw materials, using new technologies, and geological services were some of the topics discussed at the last meeting. Also, experts from different countries shared the best practices and lessons learned that they have acquired throughout their experience.

Clear objectives

The main objective of this exchange is to create a network of specialists in the different raw material operations, who can share experiences, resolve concerns and support each other.

The CET seeks to safeguard critical knowledge found among different experts at Progreso, in order to document and transfer learning to future generations within the company’s operational areas.

The importance of raw materials

Raw materials are the base of any industrial or production process, the starting point of a production chain. Such is their importance that, without raw materials, no good could be transformed and we would not be able to have the society we know today.

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