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Progreso inaugurates a new cement factory in Belize

cementos progreso inaugura su primera planta de cemento en belice
With the launch of a new factory that has the capacity to produce 100,000 tons of cement, the company consolidates its presence in the region with operations that also include Guatemala, Honduras, Panama, Mexico and Colombia.

Progreso ventures into Belize with an investment of approximately US $ 8.2 million, which included the installation of European machinery, with the purpose of provide the technical experience and market knowledge in the construction industry, which it has gathered during its 121 years of experience.

According to José Raúl González, CEO of Progreso, the cement operations in that country represent a sales level of approximately US $ 11 million, which translates into a contribution of 15% to the construction GDP.

Our operation in Belize began in 2019, with the shipment of material from Guatemala. Now we have a new plant that has the capacity to produce 100,000 tons of cement. Initially, 4060 psi strength general purpose cement and 5800 psi structural cement will be produced”, added González.

In total, 30 direct jobs will be generated and around 100 indirect jobs will be created, which will contribute around US $ 2.5 million annually in areas such as transportation, food, general services and maintenance, thus boosting the local economy.

“We are very excited with this new venture and, honoring the legacy of our founder, Carlos F. Novella, we reaffirm our commitment to have sustainable and responsible operations with the environment, our stakeholders and specially with the Belizeans, because they are now part of this great family that for more than a century has worked as a team to achieve great goals”, commented Tommas Dougherty, president of the Progreso Board of Directors.

As in all Progreso operations in the region, the Belize plant will work alongside with neighboring communities, ensuring the conservation of the environment, health and industrial safety, as well as the production of cement with global quality parameters.

The Belizean plant is installed on a flat land of 10 hectares. It has a monitoring program that ensures that emissions of particulate matter and sound pressure are below the limits established by the World Health Organization.

Wastewater generated solely in administrative services is captured and conducted to a high-tech Aerobic Treatment Plant in compliance with Belizean legislation, and is suitable for reuse in irrigation or for discharge.

“In addition, the Plant has native plant cover that acts as a living barrier and allow us to preserve the conditions of flora and fauna; as well as the landscape of the area”, added Mario Orellana, general manager of Cement and Materials for the Construction of Progreso.

Belize Plant also has a laboratory that ensures quality control in the process and is equipped with state-of-the-art technology.

Leadership Agenda

All of this is teamed up to collaborators with access to continuous training and solid principles outlined in the Code of Ethics and Conduct Values, which are the foundations of Progreso’s organizational culture and is represented in its Leadership Agenda.