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We deliver more than 200 thousand trees to protect life

entregamos donativo de arboles para reforestar agroprogreso progreso latam guatemala
During the month of August, Progreso delivered a total of 237 thousand 79 trees in communities in the departments of Jalapa, El Progreso, and Guatemala, as part of its efforts to promote reforestation throughout the country.

The donation will benefit more than three thousand people in the communities of Sanarate, San Antonio La Paz, Guastatoya, Palencia, Guatemala and Jalapa, as well as communities on the Río Plátanos Basin.

Among the species that were delivered to the communities, the following can be mentioned: Aximinoi Pine, Pseudostrobus Pine, Ocarpa Pine, Madrecacao, Mahogany, Matilisguate, Aripín, Cedar Ciprés common and Aliso / llamo.

With this large-scale delivery of trees, Progreso seeks to promote reforestation activities in the communities and provide new generations with experiences to protect the environment, as well as promote the management of forest plantations and make the communities aware of the benefits. Futures that are obtained with good forest management.

How they did it?

AgroProgreso carried out a socialization process to make the community aware of the importance of reforestation. In addition, it verified the number of beneficiaries to finally deliver the trees for planting in the final soil.

In this activity that lasted all month, the Municipal Environmental Management Units of the beneficiary communities participated, who will provide support to the beneficiaries and will give them talks and follow-up so that they can obtain future benefits such as forest incentives and management plans to their forest areas.

These actions promote public-private alliances between AgroProgreso, municipalities and the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources and reaffirm the company’s commitment to establish teaching-learning processes in the management of plantations for the communities.

AgroProgreso and reforestation

Progreso has two nurseries with a total production capacity of two million seedlings per year. These are high-tech from Sweeden, with container and bag production, monitored with advice from New Mexico State University and Cía. Microseed Inc. In both nurseries, endemic plants or native to the region, wood trees and fruit trees are produced.

The data: The planting of at least one million 204 thousand 954 trees to increase reforestation in the country is the goal that the Government of Guatemala has set for 2021.