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Column casting and materials used in the process

columnas y su fundicion que materiales se utilizan progreso latam guatemala mixto listo
Concrete columns are vertical elements that have great structural importance in any building. Its function is to withstand the bending and compression caused by the elements they support or by forces of nature such as earthquakes, wind, among others.

We have always heard about the importance of columns in life, as we know they provide the necessary support to any type of construction so that it is resistant and reliable.

The concrete experts at Mixto Listo recommend that we consider the necessary materials and equipment before starting the function process. Some of them are:


It serves to contain fresh concrete while it hardens. It must be made of material with little or no absorption, smooth and hermetic.

Struts, galvanized wire, turnbuckles, angle brackets, screws, nails and clamps.

Useful materials to adjust the form and keep the section constant avoiding misalignment.


In synergy with the concrete, it will serve to withstand the stresses to which the element is subjected.

Tie wire

Useful to ensure that the reinforcing steel is kept in the correct position.


Elements to separate the steel from the form and thus ensure the coating for the steel.

Release agent

It should be applied to the surface that will have contact with the concrete to facilitate stripping.

Works in synergy with the vibrator to ensure the concrete is properly consolidated and to monitor the progress of the form fill.

Hand and / or lead level

Tool for checking column alignment during casting.


Useful for cleaning concrete splatter on steel from other elements.


Creates protection from concrete splashes to the steel of the column that serves as continuity of other elements

Adherent chemical

It will serve for the adhesion of the fresh concrete of the column with the hardened concrete of the base where the column will be built. The base must have a coarse texture for it to help adherence

Recommendations for the implementation

The installation of pipe and other elements without structural function within concrete columns should be avoided

The dismantling can be done when the concrete has set and the resistance development allows the continuity of the construction for elements adjacent to the column.

Afterwards, cure the column by keeping the surface moist with application of water or cover the columns with damp blankets.

Lastly, it´s important to maintain constant humidity to ensure optimal strength development during cure time.

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