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Fostering Music Enhances Communities’ Quality of Life

Music plays a fundamental role in society's construction and cohesion worldwide. The Carlos F. Novella Foundation advocates for its study as part of a social cohesion process, aiming to provide communities with improved social conditions. Explore how the Carlos F. Novella School of Music supports talent and creates a space for interaction and quality musical education in Zone 6 of Guatemala City.

Music plays a crucial role in both shaping and bringing societies together across the globe. From its conception, the Carlos F. Novella Foundation actively promotes the study of music as an integral part of a comprehensive social cohesion process, to enhance social conditions in communities.

Music is regarded as a fundamental communicative, and expressive practice, present in a diverse culture’s daily life. Situated in Zone 6 of Guatemala City, The Carlos F. Novella School of Music, provides a secure space for interaction among children and youth, offering accessible and high-quality musical education. This initiative contributes to positive time use and the development of musical talent in children and adolescents.

From an early age, hundreds of children in this area and neighboring areas share their interest in various instruments, learning both the practical execution and theoretical understanding of music. The school hosts the Camerata Novella, the Coro Novella, and the Guittar Orchestra, where over 300 students aged 0 to 17 develop their musical talents.

Harps Resound

The harp is one of the fascinating instruments promoted within the school of music. Originating in Egypt, the harp features vertical strings and a triangular frame. Played with both hands, either using fingers or picks.  The harp finds its place in classical orchestras and has ventured into jazz, electronic, rock, and pop genres, albeit less frequently. Traditional Celtic music often incorporates the harp.

The Carlos F. Novella Foundation and the School of Music enthusiastically encourage the learning of the harp as a means to unite and bring communities closer. It serves as a tool to nurture the artistic capabilities of countless children, aligning with the values promoted by Progreso.

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