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How can a specific efficiency study save you energy?

Estudio de eficiencia puntual ahorro energia progreso latam electronova
The specific efficiency study consists of identifying and measuring energy consumption at strategic points in your facilities that may represent an opportunity to reduce cost, consumption and / or emissions. With Econova, this is possible!

A specific efficiency study has the potential to reduce energy consumption to reduce costs, improving processes or equipment at the customer’s facilities. It is the starting point to be able to identify energy saving opportunities. In order to do this, Econova uses predictive monitoring techniques that add value to the service that the company provides.

In 2021, five Econova clients have implemented a specific efficiency study related to their energy quality, boiler efficiency and energy audit: BAC Credomatic, Cendisur (Inmobiliaria Alcobendas), Scentia, Cantonesa and Sacos del Atlántico.

In addition, an energy audit process at Bayer, a physical land study at Maseca and two Olmeca and Mixed Ready energy quality audits are in the bidding process.

What is the process

The process begins with a diagnosis that is carried out by experts who will develop a strategy to measure the energy flow at key points. This will allow to have a complete scheme of the place and to be able to make a solution proposal. After accepting the proposal, the measure is implemented that, among other things, manages the flow of electrical energy.

Comprehensive solutions for energy saving in your company

We are an Energy Services Company (ESCO) specialized in energy saving, sustainability and competitiveness.

Part of Econova’s value proposition includes serving as a single point of contact between the client and its strategic allies, such as contractors, equipment manufacturers or suppliers, consulting firms, and legal assistance in regulations of the electricity subsector.

The data: Econova offers comprehensive solutions for energy saving and payment facilities for the services provided.