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How to prevent cyber attacks ?

A cyber attack consists of a series of actions whose objective is to destroy or compromise the computer systems of an organization. It can also target illegal access or massive theft of personal data. This is known as "Phishing".

Tips to avoid cyberattacks

To avoid being victims of these attacks, we must all take into consideration the following guidelines:

  • Verify the senders of our emails and in case of detecting any suspicious report it to the department of technological risks.
  • Use known Wi-Fi networks and do not register the corporate account in public places.
  • Do not call any phone that is sent in the mail, as it may be the same scammer.
  • Don’t open any suspicious attachments.
  • Do not install add-ons in the browser without having consulted the IT department.
  • Use strong passwords, you must use keys that are a combination of numbers, uppercase and lowercase letters and special characters not associated with personal data such as dates of birth, bank accounts, etc.


There are different forms of this crime and, consequently, different forms that criminals use to try to carry out electronic fraud.