We celebrate the Bicentenary of Guatemala by honoring the flag

celebramos bandera bicentenario guatemala horcalsa progreso mixto listo latam

Since last August 30, the installation of a giant flag of Guatemala, handpainted on over 12 thousand cement blocks, using eco-friendly paints made with Horcalsa lime, began in zone 6 of the city, to celebrate the Bicentennial of independence from our beloved nation.

Progreso reaffirms its commitment to ethics and values

compromiso con la etica y los valores progreso guatemala revista summa

Ethics and values ​​are intangible assets fundamental to the reputation of companies. In Progreso as a fundamental pillar, the Code of Values, Ethics and Behavior -COVEC-, supports good practices and organizational culture at all levels.

Podcast: Covid, a year later

podcast covid un año despues ceo progreso latam cementos

This is a new podcast called ADN Progreso and it will be a space where topics from news, culture and Progreso values will be addressed. It also seeks to be closer to all collaborators. This first edition was attended by José Raúl González, CEO of Progreso, who analyzes the key moments of the pandemic that humanity is facing today.

Move to be healthy!

Muévete para estar sano - actividad física estimula sistema inmunológico - progreso latam guatemala

Regular physical activity is one of the most important things you can do for your health and if your mood is not optimal lately, you have trouble concentrating, you are stressed or you cannot sleep, these tips may help you.

How can a specific efficiency study save you energy?

Estudio de eficiencia puntual ahorro energia progreso latam electronova

The specific efficiency study consists of identifying and measuring energy consumption at strategic points in your facilities that may represent an opportunity to reduce cost, consumption and / or emissions. With Econova, this is possible!

Juntos por tu Hogar presents Heidi Figueroa

Heidi Figueroa conoce el programa juntos por tu hogar progreso latam guatemala

Heidi Figueroa is an enthusiastic collaborator who with effort and dedication has managed to build a better future for herself and her family. Hand in hand with the «Juntos por tu Hogar» program, it materialized one of the most important dreams of any person. The dream of having a house!

An accessible housing project that will change zone 6

Altos 6 Un nuevo proyecto de vivienda accesible muvis progreso guatemala latam

Altos 6 is an innovative housing option that will be located at 16 calle 15-61 zone 6, in the Cipresales neighborhood. One of its most relevant characteristics is that this is the second project that is developed under the new Regulation of the Special Regime for the Development of Priority Housing, a regulation that has facilitated the creation of decent and affordable homes in Guatemala City.

Housing for all

Cementos Progreso, aligned with the purpose of building together the country where we want to live, began the implementation of social housing projects to improve the lives of thousands of Guatemalans. With the aim of helping low-income families have access to a high-quality home of their own Progreso started a new housing initiative.

How to prevent cyber attacks ?

A cyber attack consists of a series of actions whose objective is to destroy or compromise the computer systems of an organization. It can also target illegal access or massive theft of personal data. This is known as «Phishing».