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Juntos por tu Hogar presents Heidi Figueroa

Heidi Figueroa conoce el programa juntos por tu hogar progreso latam guatemala
Heidi Figueroa is an enthusiastic collaborator who with effort and dedication has managed to build a better future for herself and her family. Hand in hand with the "Juntos por tu Hogar" program, it materialized one of the most important dreams of any person. The dream of having a house!

Her day at Planta La Pedrera’s medical service begins very early. Heidi has been working in Progreso for 11 years and does nothing but win the affection of her colleagues and friends.

She is veru proud to belong to the great family of Progreso and to carry the values ​​of the company wherever she goes.

«I have been working for the company for 11 wonderful years and I can only thank God for being part of this family.»

Together for Heidi’s home

Heidi benefited from the “Juntos por tu Hogar” program. This program supports Progreso employees so that they can complete the construction of a decent home.

The program performs an evaluation of the proposed cases and then decides what improvements can be made. For this purpose, there is a donation fund that Progreso employees themselves make voluntarily.

The primary objective is simple: Improve the living conditions of families by living the value of solidarity.

«Thanks to the program, I can feel proud of my home, that I enjoy being with my family and that it is part of a collective effort by everyone at the company.»

Heidi’s house, located in the town of Villa Nueva, is just one example of the courage and perseverance of an entire team that lives the Progreso values.

heidy figueroa programa juntos por tu hogar presenta progreso latam guatemla

Together for your Home

In 2010, Cementos Progreso developed its Juntos por tu Hogar Program which seeks to support the families of its employees in matters of housing, education, family finances, nutrition and health. They do this through a census where the specific needs of employees and their families are known, and be able to improve their living conditions.

«Juntos por tu Hogar, change lives and write new stories»