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We bet on leadership and empowerment

liderazgo y emprendimiento progreso latam guatemala
Part of the processes in which we believe and bet, train and build better citizens. For this reason, at Fundación Carlos F. Novella, we believe that empowering organized groups is the best way to invest time and effort.

This process considers the fundamental human right to integral formation, favoring in the participants the development of competences for the transformation of conflicts and leadership; contributing to empowerment, that is, to the acquisition of independence, by the group, for a significant improvement of their situation within the community social dynamics.

The Citizen Construction Program of the Carlos F. Novella Foundation is a vehicle for raising awareness, reflection and transformation, promoting values, attitudes and behaviors that reject violence; manifesting generosity, and environments of acceptance, trust, solidarity and respect, which strengthen positive peace and lead to the creative transformation of conflicts through dialogue between people, groups and institutions.

The training process seeks to contribute to the formation of ethical, supportive, critical and open to intercultural people, aware of the social and environmental responsibility of our actions.

The crisis as an opportunity

The program promotes diversity as wealth, creativity as a conflict transformation tool, and dialogue as a vehicle for encounters. With these values, it is sought that the participants promote sustainable communities, dignified environments and strategic alliances for community development.

On the other hand, it seeks that the experience of the participant and the feelings that are generated, can reach a deep reflection and a positive personal transformation, recognizing that human beings are composed of a complex nervous and social system that impacts on relationships within and between interpersonal.

Principles of the program

Educate for life, educate in values, educate for the positive transformation of the conflict, educate for solidarity, educate for leading participation, educate for dialogue, educate emotions and educate from humanity.

In alliance with Finca El Pilar and the residents of the communities, the program will take place two Fridays a month in the afternoon, guaranteeing the participation of community leaders.

Training in eight modules

This training process is divided into eight modules for your better understanding.

  1. Starting the Journey
  2. I recognize myself
  3. I recognize myself in others
  4. Management Problems
  5. Negotiation
  6. Comunication
  7. Change is made during the jouney
  8. Closing