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REPE-YA es el nuevo producto de Horcalsa para repellar - cement render
fototeca fundacion carlos f novella documentacion eventos historicos de guatemala progreso latam

Documents that keep history

Preserving the memory of the company and the Novella family is one of the most important tasks of the museum that bears the name of the founder of Cementos Progreso. That is why a group of experts works on the digitization of documents and collections of interest with a single purpose: to preserve history.

podcast construyendo by progreso labs El arte y la construcción van entrelazados con Garzaro progreso latam

Art and construction are intertwined

In this new episode of the Construyendo by Progreso Labs Podcast, Jhon and Diego meet with Esteban Garzaro, an emerging Guatemalan artist to discuss art and its different facets. Esteban tells us about the origin of his career and about the opportunities that exist for art and construction in the country.

la evolucion de cementos progreso historia guatemala

The evolution of Cementos Progreso

Sometimes we hear that people refer to the company name of a company and we wonder what is it? The company name is the name under which a commercial entity or company is legally registered and Cementos Progreso began with the name of its founder.

cosechando hongos en el hogar progreso latam finca el pilar

Learn how to harvest oyster mushrooms with Finca El Pilar

Harvesting the oyster mushroom is a food alternative in which several members of a family can be involved. This is considered a high quality food for human consumption due to its taste and texture. At Finca el Pilar, we believe that it is very important to seek food independence and that is why they teach us step by step how to grow our own mushrooms. Join us to find out!